Welcome to the EAPPI blog!

Welcome to the EAPPI blog!

This blog is to share the best eyewitnesses reports, personal stories, photos and videos from our international human rights monitors (“Ecumencial Accompaniers”) on the ground in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

You’ll see evidence of shocking human rights violations, but also read inspiring stories of people on both sides of the conflict who tirelessly advocate for a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

This is not a “pro-Israeli” or “pro-Palestinian” blog, but the first-hand experiences of our Ecumenical Accompaniers. They come from a range of different nationalities, ages and religions, but what they are all passionate about is human rights!

We hope you enjoy the blog!

The EAPPI team

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the EAPPI blog!

  1. Dear Eappi-Team,
    Thank you for the news on this way, I look forward to read the different contributions.
    All the best, all you need I wish you in the new year.
    With my best greetings Eva from Switzerland

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