Photo: Abu Jawwad family loses their homes in Humsa village

House Demolition Humsa Village

Photo: EAPPI/F. Djurklou

Abed Abu Jawwad stands in front of the rubble of his property after it was demolished by the Israeli authorities on August 20, 2013. At 7 am Tuesday morning, 7 Israeli military vehicles, 1 bulldozer and approximately 40 Israeli authorities surrounded the land of Abed and his son Mahmoud Abu Jawwad in Humsa village and began demolishing both houses before they had the chance to empty them of their belongings.

Abed, his wife and 5 children, the youngest who is 2 years old, lost 2 animal shelters and 1 house tent.  His son, Mahmoud, and his pregnant wife, lost 1 house and 3 mud rooms.  In addtion, the families lost large amounts of food and other material things.

Abed and Mahmoud received an evacuation order 3 months ago, after which the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center took on the case. This morning, the Israeli authorities arrived with no notice, while the children were still sleeping.

International Humanitarian Law prohibits an occupying power from destroying private property of civilians unless absolutely necessary for military operations.

The families of Abed and his son Mahmoud lost all of their houses and shelters, but Abed is persistent:

“I will continue to build my house and stay here. This is our life, this is our income, this is our job. We need people all over the world to see how our life is – please publish our story.”

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