December Resources of the Month

resources of the month nov 2013December is over and 2014 is just beginning. We hope these resources will help you start out a new year of advocacy on the right foot.

  1. We’ve written a lot about Hebron in the past couple weeks. (here and here).  UNOCHA just came out with a new fact sheet about Hebron with the latest statistics on the situation in the city.
  2. Two of our EAs this month created an animated video about the village of Al Walaja in the Bethlehem district.  Check out: Al Walaja: The Story of a Shrinking Village!
  3. Visiting Israel/Palestine is the best way to learn about the conflict and become inspired to be an advocate.  In This Week in Palestine’s latest issue, you’ll find ways to send your friends and family on an ethical pilgrimage or alternative tour of Israel/Palestine.

Have a Happy New Year! We hope for a year with more peace with justice.

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