Our most shocking facts from 2013

A huge part of the work of an EA is actively engaging in monitoring and reporting human rights violations that they witness. We report these incidents to the United Nations and other local and international humanitarian and legal organizations so that they can provide the necessary assistance.  Many of these incidents find their way into the stories our EAs write on this blog and share back home as part of their advocacy for a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Here’s an infographic summarizing EAPPI’s 2013 reports on human rights violations:

EAPPI Incident Reports 2013 Final

5 thoughts on “Our most shocking facts from 2013

  1. Did the EAPPI witness any human rights violations of the Jewish population, or only Arab human rights were violated? Should I understand from this infographic that the EAPPI considers ALL arrests to be a human rights violation? Or does the EAPPI only reports the arrests in which the rights of the detainees have been violated? If so, how does the EAPPI determine this?

    The conclusion of the infographic is that “incidents increased by 26%” – you probably mean “incidents witnessed by EAPPI increased by 26%”. Is this a consequence of more observers, change in their location, changed definition of what an “incident” is or a real increase in number of incidents?

    • EAPPI condemns all acts of violence, whether against Palestinians or Israelis. We, however, report on the human rights violations that we witness, of which a majority are against Palestinians. We do not consider ALL arrests as human rights violations. This statistic is about arrests of minors, which we do consider human rights violations. This infographic specifically refers to incidents of human rights violations EAPPI observers witnessed and reported. It is not a comprehensive report on all human rights violations in Israel and Palestine. The types of incidents we reported were the same in 2013 as in 2012, so the increase in incidents is a real increase. Similarly, the UN reported (http://www.ochaopt.org/documents/ocha_opt_protection_of_civilians_weekly_report_2013_12_31_english.pdf) an increase in incidents in 2013 for many issues of human rights violations.

      • So you DID witness at least SOME violence against Jews. I missed the specifics of that in the graphic. Do you consider all arrests of minors a “human right violation”, including minors involved in criminal activities? How many arrests of minors by the PA have you reported? Unless you report ALL violence you see and protest all arrests of minors everywhere, you sound rather biased.

        The fact that you reported more accidents does not mean there is an increase in accidents, merely an increase in your reporting. There may be a number of reasons for that.

      • Yes we have witnessed a few incidents of violence against Jews, which we have included in our reports. We report on all arrests of minors that we witness, and include information differentiating between age of criminal responsibility in our reports. Not all of our reports are public. There may be a number of reasons for an increase in incidents, but in the year 2013 UN statistics (which are comprehensive) confirm our statistics which record an actual increase in number of incidents.

  2. The infographic presented in this post does not report who was the violence directed towards. It also does not mention arrests of minors by the PA. And the only alleged victims of violence quoted are Arabs. Your presentation makes it seem as if Israel is the sole responsible for human rights violations. Which is obviously not the case, as you admit yourself.

    My conclusion – EAPPI is biased against Israel and is presenting partial facts to make Israel look worse, while whitewashing abuses of human rights by the PA and anti-Jewish violence.

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