“I want to be a physics professor.” ~Obadah Al Khateeb, Age 17

In Palestine, the obstacles to receiving an education are numerous. Checkpoints, military presence, settler attacks, treacherous roads, closed military zones, demolition orders, and violent clashes are only a few.  But students & teachers persevere daily in their journey to receive quality education.  We bring these faces to life and share their hopes, challenges, and dreams.

Helge Kjollesdal.Obadah Al Khateeb. Burin School. 31.08.14

Obadah Al Khateeb (17), 11th grade from the Burin School. Photo EAPPI/H. Kjollesdal.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I wish to improve my English and my skills in mathematics an physics.

What are your biggest challenges in going to school?

I have no major difficulties with the subjects. The challenges come with interruptions because of a tense security situation. We also need better facilities and equipment. It’s a challenge that we lack many things that could enhance the quality of the education.

What would you like to be in the future.

I hope to become a professor of physics in the university. I like physics very much and hope that teaching this subject later on also can contribute to strengthen the education in the schools within this field.

What is needed for education to thrive in Palestine.

First of all the teachers and parents need to motivate the students to love education. Many don’t see the value of going to school. We must have a better curriculum in English. The one we have now is not challenging enough. In order to get a better understanding of the sciences we need to do more experiments in laboratories. We often lack the equipment that is needed.

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