PHOTO ESSAY: Two faces of the Hebron’s urban planning

by Diana, Hebron team Hebron’s appearance is slowly changing… while carrying out are usual EAPPI tasks, we can observe both – the Israeli settler’s and the Palestinian resident’s efforts to transform the city. Israeli settler efforts are concentrated mainly on … Continue reading

Archaeological excavations in Tel Rumeida in Hebron expand and destroy more Palestinian land

by Werner and Annica, Hebron team The soldier shouts: “In 3 minutes I will shoot teargas, so everyone leave now!” EAs withdraw a couple of meters together with the other international observers in Hebron. There are altogether about six of … Continue reading

Land grab in the name of archaeology

An Israeli archaeological excavation on Palestinian land is worrying the residents of Tel Rumeida, a hill in central Hebron and one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world. With funding from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport … Continue reading