Video: Resonance – Daily Life in Area C

Approximately 60% of the West Bank is designated as Area C, meaning its under full Israeli military and civil control.  What does this mean for the daily life of the residents in Area C?  We talk about this area a … Continue reading

Jabal al Baba in E1 area outside of Jerusalem faces new threat

Home of Abu Ghassan, an elderly blind man, was demolished less than 3 weeks after Israeli authorities delivered 18 stop work orders to the bedouin community of Jabal al Baba in the E1 area of Jerusalem. by Phil, Jerusalem team … Continue reading

In the darkness of Yanoun reality changes on the hilltops

By the Yanoun team,  My watch tells me it is just after 2am as I lie awake listening to the unmistakable sound of a digger moving rock after rock, being the only noise breaking the silence in the early hours of … Continue reading