Rashed Murrar, head of the Palestinian village of Yanoun which is surrounded by a setttlement:

If EAs leave our village in the morning, we’ll have to leave in the evening.”

Gila Svirsky, from the Israeli peace group Women in Black: 

“We are grateful for the presence of EAs at our vigil. Their maturity and self-control are impressive. But beyond the support they provide, we hope they will take home the message of the brutal occupation, and of the Israeli activists who oppose it.”

The UK Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Lord Howell of Guildford) 10 July 2012 :

The EAPPI provides a useful independent monitoring service in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It issues reports on the situation on the ground in the West Bank, for example, on impending demolitions. It also provides statistics on movement and access through checkpoints around Jerusalem, which help the international community to monitor the impact of restrictions on the lives of ordinary Palestinians.”

Rami Elhanan, Israeli Jewish member of The Parents Circle-Family Forum:

I highly recommend EAPPI as an organisation working ceaselessly for peace and justice, in alliance with Israeli and Palestinian organisations.  I have met EAPPI members on many occasions through my activities and lectures.  I have always been deeply impressed by their devotion and courage and commitment to the cause of peace.”

Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, World Council of Churches:

EAPPI has a unique role in giving access for ordinary people to be directly informed about the realities of this conflict on the ground, but also to make a contribution to the people affected by the conflict through accompaniment, observation and reporting of what they experience. This is a genuine WCC program for just peace.”

His Grace Bishop Dr Munib Younan, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land: 

“This mission takes place in Palestine and in Israel, not in just one or the other.  We thought it was essential to ally with every force working for justice and peace among Palestinians and Israelis alike.  Such a program can succeed only when its members see the pain of both peoples and when they desire more than anything for both peoples to live in peace, justice, and reconciliation.”

120226 At Tayba CP 2

Photo: EAPPI

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